Bianca Jewelers Featured on ‘The TODAY Show’ – “Diamond or Moissanite?”

Bianca Jewelers owner and gemologist, Allen Benzer, was featured on The Today Show. Jeff Rossen took a dive into learning about moissanite, the eco-friendly, lab create gemstone that is as close to a diamond as you can get. Jeff visited Bianca Jewelers in New York City to learn more about this money saving gemstone.

On average couples spend $6000 on engagement rings, but a ring with moissanite at the same size cost just $850. The brillance and hardness is the closest you get get to a diamond, without it being an actual diamond. The TODAY Show went to Tanger Oulets at Foxwoods Casino to see if people could tell the difference between the moissanite ring and a diamond ring. Check out the video and play along to see if you can tell the difference!

Video via The Today Show

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